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Help Rebuild Lives in SWFL and Cuba after Hurricane Ian:
Southwest District Mission and Ave Law Firm Make It Easy to Donate

The destruction throughout Southwest Florida and Cuba by Hurricane Ian in September 2022 is predicted to take a generation to rebuild. Families are still displaced, as their homes were completely destroyed or deemed uninhabitable. It is during challenging times like these that it’s important to rebuild not just our own roof overhead, but also to recognize the opportunity to help our neighbors.

Southwest District Mission provides opportunities for Floridians of all ages to enrich their lives by helping our Cuban brothers and sisters through “Christ for Cuba,” raising money and donations for medical supplies, food sourcing, and clean water—all which are part of an infrastructure that was failing even before Hurricane Ian.

Local attorneys Dwight Walker & Hunter Felknor of Ave Law Firm specialize in helping Southwest Florida homeowners and businesses rebuild, so they recognized a great connection with the calling to help “Christ for Cuba” rebuild in Cuba, too.

“We get new calls every day from property owners simply reaching out with questions. They purchase insurance to protect their investment, but insurance companies often don’t initially pay the full amount contracted under the policy. We’re happy to give a free consultation and policy review. Unfortunately, most families and homeowners in Cuba do not have insurance policies or laws to hold insurance carriers accountable, but we can certainly use our exposure and expertise to fundraise and help them rebuild, too. We love being in a position to go above
and beyond—whether it’s here in our backyard or in Cuba, where it’s also desperately
needed.” ~ Hunter R. Felknor, Esq., Ave Law Firm

Ave Law Firm has pledged to match charitable donations to “Christ for Cuba” up to $10,000.

Donate in person or online. Attorneys from Ave Law Firm will be on site after area church services to collect donations in person and answer any questions. Or donate at the link below.


(Link to The Southwest District Mission Program, Inc., a 501c(3) organization)

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